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American Time Mfg., Ltd., was founded in 1990.  The purpose of this new venture was to create new skilled jobs and produce reliable, high quality Union Made wristwatches.  Our company motto, “Supporting the American Workforce”, is really what American Time is all about.  Located in Rochester, New York, American Time began under very modest circumstances.  Three people, organized by Machinists Local Lodge 1868, began designing, customizing, producing, and marketing custom dial watches to Internationals and their affiliates;  satisfying the requirements for Union Made watches and creating new high paying jobs.  American Time today enjoys the reputation for quality, service and innovation.


In our twenty-nine years, American Time and its subsidiaries have grown from 2,500 square feet to more than 21,000 square feet of warehouse, production, and office space.  Our job growth is a direct result of the enormous support from Union buyers.  American Time watches truly have become the watch of choice amongst the Brotherhood of Union members.  Not resting on its laurels, the Company has developed the leadership, passion, and innovation for continued success in the future.






American Products is a leading supplier and producer of Union and American Made Products.  Our in-house capabilities for embroidery, silk-screening, and pad printing provide immediate turn around for a wide variety of Union made products customized to your specific needs.


In the last twenty-five years, American Products has recognized the need for Union made products not otherwise available.  In doing so, we have helped organize eight USA companies into Union Shops which accounts for 150 new skilled Union jobs.  We are committed to carrying out our mission to supply USA Union made products.


Our product line of Union made products is one of the most extensive in the industry.  We have researched and qualified numerous Union suppliers which in turn provides you, the customer, with the confidence in knowing that when you purchase items from American Products you automatically know it’s “Union Yes.”


Clifford W. Charlson, President and Founder, was recently quoted as saying: “When you purchase Union made products, of all types, you are automatically buying guaranteed quality and preserving Union jobs.  Union workers are well trained, highly skilled, and most important; take enormous pride in what they produce.”


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