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American Time Pieces


Our Time Pieces feature your custom logos on the dials providing you with

the Power of Recognition.

Regardless of the reason, American Time will always craft

a time piece you will display with pride.


We will supply you with three different dial options to fit the needs of your occasion!


Pad Printed Series, Acid Etched Series and The Pocket Watch





Colorful and Stylish.

Our pad printed series are affordable. American Times graphic department will assist you with a design unique to you and your organization.

Our exact decorating techniques provides for numerous colors and consistent registration every time!






Utilizing the latest in Acid Etching technology.

American Time provides exacting detail without compromise. Your dial images on stainless steel is like no other! Polished highlights accentuated by gold or rhodium plating provides your clock with unmatched quality and its all American Made!









Round Etched Pocket Watches

Our 14KT gold filled Medallion pocket watches are like no other, we guarantee the recipient will never forget the occasion! Custom dials with proof coin brilliance utilizing 14kt gold filled material is American Time's distinguishing hallmark. Let it become Yours!





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