EST. 1990

**PLEASE NOTE: Repair or Battery Replacement by anyone other than American Time Mfg. VOIDS this limited warranty.

Watch Owner's Two-Year Limited Warranty

          American Time Mfg. Ltd. warrants this watch against any original defect in materials and/or workmanship for a period of two years from date of purchase.  This warranty excludes batteries; wear to crystal, case, watch band, or strap, crown; or damages resulting from accident or other than normal use; or from repairs made by others. (Warranty voided if watch has been opened by others.)

          American Time Mfg. Ltd. disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from failure or malfunction of the watch, and recovery may in no event exceed the purchase price.  In case of a failure to informally resolve any dispute between the company and the original owner, such dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the Civil Court of the City of Rochester (NY) by and pursuant to the rules then pertaining therein. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, but you may have other rights which apply in your state or country. The duration of all warranties implied by law, including merchantability, are limited to the two-year period of this warranty.

Owner's Obligation

          Should your watch require service, warrantied or otherwise, return the watch with the warranty form filled in directly to:

American Time Mfg. Ltd.
Attn: Service Dept.
250 Mile Crossing Blvd. – Suite 4
Rochester, NY 14624

          Include a $26.00 check or money order payable to: American Time Mfg. or credit card number to cover return postage, handling, and insurance charges. If service is not covered by this warranty, we will submit an estimate of repair charges before proceeding.  Please allow 10-15 business days for repair and return.  (Click here for form)